National Accreditation

Woodside School is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).  NAEYC sets standards of quality that only a small group of Early Childhood Centers meet nationwide, and, in fact, Woodside is only one of six NAEYC accredited programs in Concord and one of only 56 in New Hampshire (out of approximately 1,200 licensed child care centers statewide serving 3,493 children). Although Woodside programs and staff consistently meet standards set by the New Hampshire Bureau of Child Care Licensing, we at Woodside believe that through accreditation we are making the extra effort to make our school one of the highest quality organizations in the country, as well as in the State of New Hampshire.

NAEYC accreditation standards are reflected throughout Woodside School.  Our teacher/child ratios are even lower than those set by the State of New Hampshire.  This provides quality learning experiences for young children, with assurances that teachers will be right there to encourage and guide the children.  All staff must meet quality criteria for Early Childhood professionals.  This is reflected in Woodside’s Staff Development requirements, as well as our expectation that staff participate in the credentialing process to acquire a New Hampshire state credential.

Educational curriculum must also meet the high quality standards set by NAEYC.   Curriculum at Woodside must be meaningful to children, while addressing aspects of diversity and culture.  Teachers closely observe children to determine the direction curriculum should take to best meet children’s interests.

Families are critically important to Woodside School, and NAEYC guidelines strongly encourage family participation in the education of young children.  Woodside makes every effort to reach out to families, involving them in our programs and special events, such as the Week of the Young Child, a national effort sponsored by NAEYC.

You can find out more information about NAEYC and how accreditation helps Woodside School to provide such high quality education for children by visiting their website at