Multiage Overview


Our Mission

Woodside School’s Multiage program offers a fun learning environment for 3/4 year olds. Our curriculum is based on the knowledge of how children grow and develop socially, emotionally, cognitively and physically.  Our teachers respect and value the uniqueness of each child. By individualizing teaching strategies we provide the ideal environment and energy to make learning fun.

A Day In Multiage 

7:30- 9:00: Drop off/ Free Play
9:00-9:15: Cleanup
9:15-9:30: Circle time
9:30-11:00: Center time/ snack time
11:00-11:15: Clean up
11:15- 12:00: Outside classroom
12:00- 12:30: Lunch (half day program ends)
12:30-1:00: Clean up/book look
1:00-3:00: Rest time
3:00- 3:30: Snack time 
3:30-5:30: Outside classroom/ pickup 


The Woodside Multiage schedule is Monday-Friday 7:00-5:30 and offer the choices of M-F, MWF, or T-TH full or half days. Multiage half days are 7:30-12:30. Our class size is up to 24 children in the full day classroom with 5 or 6 teachers depending on the age of the children.  Multiage half day class size is up to 16 children with 2 teachers. Our student teacher ratios are better than required by state licensing.