Pre-K/Kindergarten Program

Woodside Pre-K/Kindergarten Program


Woodside School’s Pre-K/Kindergarten Program follows goals and objectives outlined in the Kindergarten Frameworks. Children explore the areas of Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science. Children are given ample opportunity to explore and discover a variety of interests and environments.

A Day In Kindergarten 

7-8:30: Children’s choices/ Open ended activities
8:30-9: Clean up and snack time
9-9:30: Welcome “Morning News Show” Calendar activities
9:30-10:30 Integrate curriculum: Learning centers and small group activities  
10:30-10:50: Clean up (public K bus arrives)
10:50-11:45: Outdoor gross motor activities
11:45-12:30: Lunch
12:30-1: Quiet time / book look
1-1:20: Afternoon meeting / Circle
1:20-2:45: Learning centers (literacy, science, math, ect.)
2:45-3: Clean up (1st grade bus arrives)
3-3:30: Group story P.M. snack
3:30-5:30: After school activities/pick up


All day Kindergarten 7-5:30, 7-3:00, or 9-3:00

Bus from public Kindergarten 10:45-3:00 or 10:45-5:30